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I concentrate on client sustainability and acknowledge that  my success depends on providing a measurable return to my clients' investments. The focus is client service. Partnerships. Passion for my clients. Straight talk, real answers. Results that achieve and exceed expectations.



I have been both a travel and design writer as well as a travel public relations professional. It’s really important as a public relations team member on a property or resort to know what editors and journalists are going to judge and also how to let their experience be intuitive and completely their own. I help properties get noticed for the right reasons, by being a journalist and not stuffing story into their experience but letting it evolve. 

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A Natural Location Artist


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I work specifically with hotels and resorts as an inside journalist would focusing on story inventory, trend spotting, pre-media preparation and creating quailty assurance reports for my clients with a focus on hospitality in its essential element, making people feel taken care of, special, left alone, pampered, interesting, part of the place in a word inspired.  

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A lot of public relations agencies create relentless schedules  squeezing in the attractions, the adventure, the sites, the meet and greets. I’m all about the slower appreciation of a place (even if that means skiing off a cliff during the day or diving 100 feet), bouncing around on safari or hiking several miles.  Adventure and adrenalin heighten life’s great stories. Our travels are chapters in our own personal novel. As a public relations consultant I want to know what the writer cares about and make those things accessible from local characters, to art, environmental programs, inspiration  from a great connection with a resort or hotel owner up for a cocktail, a meal, a ski or a quiet conversation.






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Travel Wisdom 2.0

        Twitter, instagram, facebook and all are your friends, friends are your friends, everyone is a publisher and a critic, make it easy for them to obsess over the details you obsess over and shoot the picture, spread the look, the interest, the passion, the story, the memory.


Wendy’s PR Boutique – Bespoke Communications works as your solo practitioner and focuses on your property. I host writers and work with properties before the writers get there to make sure the details are worked out. I screen their credentials, work with the client to try to cast a net of ideas and influence where natural luxury speaks to you and supports the environments you want to create with designer inherent style, environmental responsibility, your dreams and vision of place and the tools for the guest to make it their personal haven.  

 Here are some of my favorite elements of working with hotels, resorts and locations:



The Alpina Gstaad Switzerland 


Great Example of redesign Swiss Chalet goes modern


 Unexpected delight and surprise where stories are told, made and remembered, that sounds like the good life. We like adventure, challenging difficulty (sports, ideas, transformative of course), simplicity, beauty and amazing places to stay.  We all like life altering experiences that make us behave our best because the place helps tune our nature and character. We like writers who get what a place serves up and inspires others to come hither from around the globe.  That's what I do. I am all about turning up the inspiration polished by intuitive service, embracing local cultures and traditions, being respectful, giving back and taking home the magic. See my blog post, On Slow Life about house as hotel from travel inspiration.

Being an attendee on numerous press trips, I was surprised by the lack of preparation some public relations companies have when it comes to making sure properties are ready for scrutiny. 

Hoteliers and resort owners are almost like performance artists. Your hotels and resorts have become the ultimate theatre. Cultivating the intangibles that make a property a favorite is an art. The choreography of service, style, impeccable yet unobtrusive service and a little bit of magic sets you apart. 

Tips from Writer to Public Relations Consultant

 The Guest Challenge - The picky journalist who goes to the best hotels will preempt the discerning guest with criticism, a bad tweet, a lousy review. Assessments are what I enjoy doing like a friend, journalist, designer/hospitality team member and yes PR consultant.

Look for the little things that make a difference- The awkward placement of a light or piece of art, uncomfortable treatments, not the cleanest of spas, old carpet, strange issues that don't belong in your hotel or resort. Anything from  bad lighting to slightly surly staff, arrogance, laziness, stuff like that, I get it. Even if the hotel is gorgeous, the most important thing is the vibe, the experience whether it's an eco lodge or a posh city hotel. There needs to be character in the best way.

People & Ideas

As a writer with a background in environmental tourism, luxury tourism, hospitality, media, finance and more, cross pollinating databases and visionaries in amazing locations is a great idea. Maybe your hotel could be a location for thought leaders to come up with big ideas or share simple moments in an amazing place.


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